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Conical rounder, Bread cutter, Roll former, Croissant former, Bun former, Cookie machine, Cream injector, Pizza dough press, Dough sheeter.
Conical rounder
Bread cutter
Roll former
Croissant former
Bun former
Cookie machine
Cream injector
Pizza dough press
Dough sheeter
Rounders, bread cutters, croissant formers, cookie machines, cream injectors, dough sheeters and all types of pastry machinery for different needs.
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At Equipos Nieto we know that the dough’s texture, the texture of the crust and the integrity of the crumb come from the baker’s craftsmanship and experience, with the support of equipment that guarantees the consistent quality of his product and at the same time optimizes his production.
We offers its complete line of top quality bakery and pastry equipment, which will satisfy all the needs of traditional bakeries.

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